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  • Judson But in this case, his alliance with the Visigoths fell victim to Theoderic's own successes in Spain, and the resultant Visigothic failure to send assistance when he needed it the most.
Franklin Avitus of Vienne
  • Elizabeth In this instance, Theoderic played upon his professed loyalty to Avitus and the imperial government and claimed to be acting in the name of the Roman state. About 490 he was ordained bishop of Vienne.
Wallace St. Avitus
  • Darren If you have already donated, we sincerely thank you. Among them is a famous letter to on the occasion of his baptism.
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  • Jody It probably was on this journey that Avitus undertook some kind of initiative in the Danubian area. John's account, however, has some problems.
Tracy Avitus
  • Wesley Remistus also would have been the first barbarian named to this position. Your main task - to make the world more beautiful.
Oliver Avitus of Vienne
  • Elmer In light of Gregory's claim that Avitus died on the road home, one might speculate that just before or after reaching Gaul he may have been chased down by , who would have been intent on thwarting any Avitan revival. After battle had been joined, Avitus fled after a great slaughter of his own men.
  • Taylor Around his early twenties, ca. He therefore provides an unusual example of a person obtaining both civil and military offices of very high rank.
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  • Luther By this time, moreover, any Vandal raiding would have been terminated by the end of the sailing season in November.
  • Sarah He also sent away the Goths whom he had brought for his own guard, after distributing money to them derived from public works whose bronze fittings he sold to merchants, for there was no gold in the royal treasuries.
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  • Chauncey Avitus, therefore, not only lived on into 457, but, in some quarters, continued to be recognized as emperor. Julian, the Arvernian martyr, with many offerings.
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  • Jarvis Early in the fall of 456 Avitus was forced to depart Rome and attempt to return to Gaul.
  • Debra For one thing, it would appear that an initial encounter between the rebels and Avitus' forces took place at Ravenna.
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  • Amos From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Avitus.
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  • Evan Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2002, 464 pp.
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  • Ashley Victor's date, which works out to 5 August, does not correlate with any of the other dates for Avitus' acclamation; perhaps it is the date his rule was acknowledged by the Senate in Rome; it is far too late, however, to be the date that news of his accession arrived in Rome. When he arrived in his presence and realized that Gaiseric was not going to give heed to his embassy, he broke forth into headstrong words, saying that it would not profit him if, carried away by his present prosperity, he should be prepared to rouse the emperor of the eastern Romans to war against him.
  • Bobbie As a Gaul, he was never popular with Italy, and he was soon faced with opposition not only from the urban mob of Rome, but also, and presumably more seriously, from the Italian senators as well.