Beatles singles collection box set. The Beatles The Singles Collection Arrives (REVISED 11/19/19)

Kelvin The Beatles: The Singles Collection [Review]
  • Claude The collection is packaged in a blue box matching the style of the stereo and mono album boxes. Many of these releases, if you didn't know, you may never guess there is any digital manipulation contained within.
Brooks The Beatles: The Singles Collection [Review]
  • Garland Yes It Is 1965 Cover art: Belgium Side A 1.
Floyd The Beatles Announce ‘The Singles Collection’ Vinyl Box Set
  • Ted The booklet, while short, gives an easy-to-follow history of the Beatles and their single releases. Revisiting these old singles was of course an act of pure nostalgic joy and I came away realizing how key was Ringo Starr to the band's success.
Dirk The Beatles Box Set
  • Joe While not authentic as to form, the cardboard sleeves shall hold up longer and better protect the discs than thin paper sleeves.
Clair The Beatles ‘The Singles Collection’
  • Kenton Then it was remixed again then re-released in 2015, further muddying the vinyl waters. For those wanting to see how the U.
  • Elvis You have put into words succinctly! The Beatles — The Singles Collection Track Listing with country of origin for sleeve 1. I had no intention of buying the new box.
Kory The Beatles
  • Adolph I believe all of these new boxes were pressed in Germany.
Cornelius The Singles Collection
  • Rogelio I did not charge these were cut from digital.
Gale The Beatles' iconic singles collected in limited edition box set
  • Alfonzo Because it was rare in the 1960s for U.
Lloyd The Beatles ‘Singles Collection’ Box Set Arrives
  • Gene It is pressed with a yellow Tollie label. Okay, I take that back glad I did! The fidelity fits the packaging, sounding very similar to the 2014 vinyl pressing, including its compilation.
  • Kevin The analog Beatles singles collection all together, on what we old farts used to call a Mixtape. The Singles Collection will be released on 22 November 2019.