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James This Russian Girl Takes The Riskiest Selfies Ever (Don't Try This Yourself)
  • Jarrett Selfies has become an important part of teenage events and we can see its significant impact on our society. The little girl above is watching her mom like all children do.
  • Lamar Now, forevermore, an innocent child is part of a scandalous photograph.
Woodrow This Russian Girl Takes The Riskiest Selfies Ever (Don't Try This Yourself)
  • Colin Despite what one may think when first viewing the shot, she may not be an uncaring, unfeeling mom. Save your narcissistic side for when your child has gone to bed or Grandma's house for the weekend.
  • Bryce And these are not necessarily professional climbers, but thrill seekers, who try to outdo each other in their quest to get to the highest and most dangerous spots. The ease with which sharing photos on social media garners attention, even negative attention, causes some who have an urge to fill that need to become obsessed with getting the perfect picture to share, at any cost.
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  • Carmine Anything they do on the internet is forever.
  • Trenton Your Getty Images representative will discuss a renewal with you. She also appears to be attempting, to no avail, to get her mom's attention.
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  • Olin Anything other than your current activity of choice will do just fine.
  • Gabriel I watched a documentary about it.
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  • Sterling Thus, getting functional social attention is understandable.
Edgardo 25 Amazing Teen Selfies
  • Jeff He might just doing that por a pussy and nice sex: Not worth it.
Ed Young Teen Girls Taking Selfie Photo With Cell Phone Camera High
  • Derrick Please carefully review any restrictions accompanying the Licensed Material on the Getty Images website, and contact your Getty Images representative if you have a question about them. Police said many of the photos of the Duxbury High School students appear to be selfies and said the girls' names also appeared on the Dropbox page, which has since been shut down.
Luciano 15 Embarrassing Bathroom Selfies Women Don't Want The World To See
  • Damian Here's the deal, moms: if you want to take shots of yourself in interesting or scandalous poses, more power to you.
  • Quinn In simple words, we love taking and viewing selfies, and reading comments regarding them.
Russ Nude photos of 50 Duxbury high school female students found on Dropbox
  • Ervin She's being molded into the person she will become.
  • Timothy And plenty more have perfected the sassy arm triangle: hand on hip, elbow jutted out.