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  • Hubert Highly recommended for everyone yearning for a change in Bollywood's choice of subjects. Harpreet Singh Bedi Ranbir Kapoor has just graduated and decides to five into the world of sales for an adventurous career.
  • Andrew Cinematography is nothing exceptional and Salim-Sulaiman music is just above average with all the songs used shortly along with the background score.
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  • Ezra The innovative plot not only enlightens us about the cut throat competition in the Sales line but it also showcases the hardships faced by the innocent customers due to the evil practices adopted by the service providers.
  • Vernon With the most authentic Sikh character's portrayal on the screen till date, Ranbir Kapoor once again excels and makes everyone in the Kapoor family feel proud of their young energetic and hardworking kid.
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  • Gordon So, once again it's an example of wrong promotion tried by the makers to bring in some more crowds in the opening weekend. In simple words he just slips into the body of Harpreet Singh Bedi and delivers an effortless, enjoyable and the most impressive performance of his career.
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  • Lazaro In other words it's a great piece of art made by a thinking team strictly on the lines of innovative Hollywood projects which are based on variety of subjects written around our daily routine life.
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  • Lucio But marks never stopped ° ²ÛÜ ° °ÛÛ°° ÛÛ him from dreaming of an exciting and adventurous °° °ÛÛÛÛ ÛÛ career, and they never will.
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  • Damien Everyone else in the team lead by Rocket Singh is perfectly chosen and they skillfully act as true to life realistic characters, especially the computer engineer and his sexy desktops glowing in the night.
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  • Jules But if you ask me then just don't take it as a comedy and go for it if you really want to see a fresh, cool and uplifting movie completely different from what we have been seeing in all this year.
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  • Luciano Genre : Comedy Drama ÛÛÛ °°° ßÛÛÛ Üþ þßÛ °°° ßÛÛß ³ °°ßÛÛÛ Üþ ° ÛÛÜ Rocket Singh - Salesman Of The Year is about a °°°ßÛÛß ° °þß ÛÛ salesman named Harpreet Singh Bedi who has just ° ÛÛÜ ° ° ²ÛÜß graduated, and his marks are, well, let's say °þß ÛÛ ° °° ° ÛÛ a little embarrassing.
  • Carlos Shimit's subtle treatment of the subject never slides down and he maintains a firm grip on the movie right till its impressive climax.
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  • Ernie Though it has many comedy sequences coming in at regular interval throughout, but still that doesn't allow anybody to simply call it a comedy movie.