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  • Jay January 24, 2014 January 23, 2014 Running Man: Episode 181 by Keeping a secret romance under wraps is no easy task when your fellow students are determined to find out your dating status. So they send out Ji-hyo and Jong-seok, who prepare themselves to be found out… and get hit with a blast of white.
  • Jerald I love how the producer teamed up Jong Kook and Kwang Soo with the girls, so they can protect them, especially Jong Kook. Now, VidPaw also launches VidPaw App for Android and VidPaw App for Mac, so that users of these devices can use the services provided by VidPaw even much more conveniently.
  • Jeff Luckily for him, the boys reason that Jong-seok would be too obvious of a choice and settle on Jae-suk.
  • Richard Let them have fun and fake relationship with guests instead.
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  • Ronny Oh and yeah I like how Se Young chose Suk Jin when he got rejected by Bo Young. The missions for the couple were really hard so I was surprised they managed to complete three.
  • Dario He then received further recognition for his roles in the medical melodrama It's Okay, That's Love 2014 , the neo-noir film Confession 2014 , the black comedy film , the one-act play Puck! The objective is to return safely in the next turn and either falling down or touching the other team results in elimination. Se Young was nice to accept his hand.
  • Bert Now enjoy Running Man with English subtitles! I don't think he is hyped, compared to some actors who are famous quickly, ex Kim woo Bin, Lee Minho, Kim soo huyn, kim huyn joong.
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  • Jim Apparently Kwang-ja is cute and Jong-sookie is sexy in his eyes, and both boys choose… Kwang-ja? Now, you are going to do the final step. Jae-suk snaps that he briefly dated Kwang-ja, only to find her unattractive.
  • Harry She is great actress that is underrated. They lounge around sort of until the door slams open and Ji-hyo takes to task on the boys, which only Gary finds endearing.
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  • Gale They arrive at their final mission location which is a set up of picture frames and old-timey cameras.
  • Bart He graduated from Ajou University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration. That title belongs to actress Park Bo-young, and the boys are in awe of the petite leader.
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  • Clifford Loveeee this episode, love it, love it! Jong-sookie was probably my favorite part.
  • Marlin Jong-sookie is a force to be reckoned with once the whistle blows, taking down the other team with—what else? To download free Running Man episodes with English sub for free from YouTube, you just need a reliable online video downloader.
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  • Aldo Even Jong Kook admitted it; he thought Jong Suk really likes Ji Hyo. And really, I'm just happy that Miss Mong got her first secret couple mission!.
  • Stefan The supports from the fans make Running Man to be a long-lasting program, and we can look forward to that there will be more interesting and funny episodes released in the future.
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  • German I liked all the guests and even if Lee Jong-suk wasn't as good as he could be I thought he did a decent enough job for someone who has issues in these type of settings. First, please go to YouTube and enter the keywords like 'Running Man Episode' to the search bar of the platform.