Gay nrw. Cruising in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein

Weldon Gay circuit dance events 2020 2021
  • Hugo Who didn't love seeing him crush and get crushed? He is one of the strongest, most brutal fighters ever on our roster. Let's face it, people like seeing him get beat up! There are about 40 gay bars, clubs, restaurants and saunas.
  • Nolan Fans loved him and he was a pleasure to work with.
Faustino Cruising in Langenfeld, Nordrhein
  • Kareem The famous and popular town Sitges is only 40 minutes away by train.
Seth New York gay 40 clubs, saunas and hotels
  • Josh The party goes on every night of the week in high season in summer in contradiction to Barcelona, which is more focussed to the weekend.
  • Alfredo Drew Spano is a tough competitor and he's coming to prove it. Barcelona is a very popular gay tourist city.
Gonzalo Cruising in Nordrhein
  • Russ The long hair is gone, but unlike Samson, his strength isn't.
Shirley Someone's Getting Hurt!
  • Emile Here is our current roster of active fighters.
Laura Cruising in Mönchengladbach, Nordrhein
  • Sean An injury outside of the ring sidelined his career. He will stand toe to toe with anyone and trashtalks like no one else! There is also a gay beach in Barcelona itself.
  • Mickey He returned home after that battle and is welcome back anytime. We don't know a lot about this guy but the first time he fought here he got his butt kicked.
Hollis Cruising in Kleve, Nordrhein
  • Lincoln Devlin is currently on medical leave. Want to reward your favorite fighter for a performance? Even though he won his only two fights he had while here, the competition was too tough and he disappeared knowing the fights he had upcoming would surely result in a serious beat down.
Sarah Nordrhein
  • Bret It has 2 gay beaches one nude , and many gay bars, clubs, and restaurant.
  • Katherine Look for a lot from this new fighter. He used dirty tactics but it was fun watching him beat up on guys.
Kurt Natural Resources Wales
  • Ahmed A talented artist he still comes back from time to time to get some aggression out. The problem, he soon discovered, is the opponents have not gotten any less competitive.
  • Lloyd He left us, joined the Army, and served in Iraq.
Harley Someone's Getting Hurt!
  • Terry Needs to learn a little respect for the law and his family before we'd have him back.
Mitchel Natural Resources Wales
  • William After his last fight his ankle was hurting him and he discovered it was broken. It has the famous Segrada Familia church by Gaudi, the other Gaudi buildings and the spectacular Park Guell with beautiful views on the city.
  • Bruno The gay night-life is extensive, but mostly taking place in the weekends. For those visiting or planning a visit to Nordrhein-Westfalen, you will find that gays and lesbians in Nordrhein-Westfalen are one of the friendliest people in the world.