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  • Laura Hope to see the two of them together again soon.
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  • Hung As yet this very erotic act has not been portrayed in this site, nor even hinted at in any video i have watched.
  • Micheal Transfer of the anal microbes by using the same digits in the vagina so frequently and repeatedly is very dangerous, and can result in permanent sterility. I recommend this site to patients who are having problems in their relationships, and it is a very educational resource for both males and females.
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  • Claudio When Mirrabel is on her back with legs up, what a sight, what an orgasm. On another note, anal penetration performed on males is much more common than one might think, even in our homophobic world, and occurs in heterosexual relationships more often than is admitted, for good reason.
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  • Wilburn My life in Europe caused me to accept and embrace the practice that's very widespread there.
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  • Nick While the performance was wonderfully sensitive and erotic, it appalled me for this reason: as presented, the penetration of the rectum was followed by immediate vaginal penetration with an unwashed hand, thereby transferring harmful bacteria from rectum to vagina; this is strictly not to be encouraged due to risk of serious pelvic infection. After rinsing her off making sure to get all the soap off, i had her turn over, re-wetting her, I started all over with the bars of soap starting from her feet and working up.
  • Connie However in females there is a need to ensure that the same body parts are not used in both orifices without proper cleansing in between, that includes penises! Maybe, but too many may try to copy the film and end up with raging pelvic or urinary tract infections.