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Fidel Vinyl Clothing
  • Jayson Choose between silver, gold, white, and black eyelets and black, white, or red lacing using the options below. We may also receive information from you via you entering one of our competitions, participating in any feedback questionnaires around your shopping experience with us, or from any communication you may have with our customer services team.
Everett Vinyl Clothing
  • Pamela Shown in lime green glows brightly under black lights with silver eyelets and our , , and matching choker, and a. Our Monarch shrug dips up your neckline with a short collar, curves around your body, and floats over your shoulders for a feminine but strong scifi look.
  • Ethan With plenty of designed by our sellers you'll be sure to find something that's truly unique to finish off your alternative look.
Brady Artifice
  • Trevor We can special order in other clear colours upon request! E-mail us after checkout with your bicep size.
Lindsey Buy Latex & PVC Clothing at I Am Attitude
  • Ralph It is styled in a wet look material for the body and a tartan skirt pattern, you can also pair this outfit with some stockings as the dress incorporates detachable suspenders.
Garry Vinyl
  • AltonAcross our various pages you will find the full range of our latex garments and accessories, social media connections, our blog, and full contact information.
Dorian Vinyl
  • Luciano Team a pair of black vinyl leggings with an oversized hoodie, a check blazer and chunky boots for a dinner date with the dolls. You can use the eyelets in the front and inner arms to tighten or loosen this shrug across your arms and shoulder.
  • Antonio Shown with unpainted boning and silver eyelets and available with your choice of black, white, gold, or silver eyelets with black, red, or white lacing. You can find a cheaper clear only version.
Booker Artifice
  • Rubin E-mail us with your bicep size after checkout! This will allow you to adjust the shrug's width across your back as needed and adds extra detail to the design.
Sydney Vinyl Clothing
  • Fritz From a high shine pvc , to a slinky tight latex outfit, you'll find plenty of alternative styles across our range of latex and pvc clothing. We can also purchase different colours of paint to paint the boning if you want.
  • Chadwick We sew this from thicker gauge clear plastic which is thick enough to be durable and keep its shape without stretching but thin enough to be comfortable and bend with your body.
Perry PVC Clothing
  • Rosario If you don't normally wear corsets you may want to consider going a size larger or consider a different style. Please use the options below to pick what style you'd like for the front! This corset is approximately 6.
Raymundo PVC Clothing
  • Brent Thick enough to be durable and cinch you without stretching but thin enough to be comfortable and bend with your body. We've added a long steel boned so it won't wrinkle zipper in the front and you can use the lace up back to slowly cinch down your waist! If you would like us to add matching underwear please use the options below! We've carefully sewn strips of steel boning inside the seams of this structured skirt to give it an exaggerated curvy shape.
  • Gonzalo.
Kip Dawnamatrix
  • Fred Available with black, white, gold, or silver eyelets in the back and black, red, or white lacing.
  • Scott Take this trend to the weekend with a vinyl dress — in a variety of shades and silhouettes, just add some strappy heels, keep accessories to a minimum and let the dress steal the show. If you don't want to lace this tightly, have a larger stomach, or have never worn a steel boned or stiffer non stretchy corset, you may want to go a size up especially if you have never worn a steel corset before.
Lawrence Vinyl Clothing
  • Nolan This shape is perfect when paired with lingerie, cage bras and bustiers. Whether it's slinky latex fashion or the shine of pvc clothing that you adore, you'll be spoilt for choice with the wide range of latex and pvc from our sellers.
  • Jame We sew this with four flat steel bones on the front for stomach flattening, flexible steel boning sides and flat steel boning at the back. Take this high shine trend to the weekend with a strappy vinyl mini dress, just add some contrasting hue court heels and matching statement earrings to finish the fierce combo.