Lovense. “Lovesense” and OhMiBod Lush: 2 Urban Myths About Lovense

Thurman Lovense Lush 2 Review
  • Sheldon The Lush is created using high-quality silicone that is very comfortable, and almost silent when inserted.
  • Rosario However, its primary use is as a remote control vibrator for your g-spot. When you want to have fun in a long distance relationship, the first thing you and your partner must do is download and install the app on a smartphone.
Chester Lovense Lush 2 Review
  • Donny Most of the complaints involve spotty connectivity or low battery life, with one review claiming the Esca only had a battery life of 45 minutes.
Arnold Is the Lovense Lush worth the price and how well does it work?
  • Gavin A company that is often confused with Lovense is actually one of their competitors, a brand called OhMiBod.
  • Jacques The little antenna tail could look unsightly which led one to comment that it is better worn with panties or shorts. For the most part, such as how they work, what they vibrator is intended for and how to use it is exactly the same.
Mohammed “Lovesense” and OhMiBod Lush: 2 Urban Myths About Lovense
  • Roberto It also packs technology: owners can connect this to an app or cam sites such as Chaturbate, or for partnered control and play — it can even be used discreetly in public! The Bottom Line The Lovense Lush is a female wearable vibrator, designed to provide G-spot and internal stimulation.
  • Rodrigo Note: Some may find the app takes some getting used too. The control range while standing is about 10 to 30 feet and if sitting about 5 to 10 feet.
Brian Is the Lovense Lush worth the price and how well does it work?
  • Marion OhMiBod does have a product called Crush, which contributes to some of the confusion.
  • Lupe Vibrations can be set to sync with music or vocal cues.
Monroe 13 Reasons To/Not To Buy Lovense Lush
  • Efren With regards to the original Lovense Lush, I found that when clothing or other objects hindered the Bluetooth signal, it would disconnect the app from time to time.
  • Noe These are toys for him and her that connect to each other for fun from anywhere, literally.
Cyril 13 Reasons To/Not To Buy Lovense Lush
  • Caleb The original Esca has some pretty poor reviews, sitting at 1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.
Mitchell Lovense
  • Hollis Who Is the Lovense Lush 2 For? The overall shape appeared somewhat strange to me, so it took a little getting used too.
  • Alton Can you imagine the pulsing and vibrating to your favorite song? The curve design is to stimulate the G-spot during playtime, but it also had a flexible Bluetooth antenna coming from it that extends past the body to offer the longest control range unless using the app, then this is not an issue. Close Range mode has the following options: Alarm wake your partner up with a jolt! All myths about aside, the specs and user reviews speak for themselves.
Jess Is the Lovense Lush worth the price and how well does it work?
  • Cyril Lush can also be used for sound activated vibration, or vibration in sync with music get that playlist ready. The app provides a messaging system that allows partners to schedule and coordinate playtime, or simply tell them to start controlling when ready.
Donald 13 Reasons To/Not To Buy Lovense Lush
  • Trevor When the product arrived, It was like Christmas came early. They agreed that its vibrations were strong and rumbly.