Mautam. Din n MU TM Dien Dan Mau Tam Van Nghe Hai Ngoai

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  • Michelle For many communities only a tenth of their usual harvests remained after rats have attacked their crops. Meanwhile, the villagers have lambasted the Burmese military regime in Chin state saying that the local authorities had not adopted any measures to check multiplication of rats.
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  • Emily The Chin National Front has criticised the excessive taxes levied by the Burmese government on ethnic Chin people who are already facing severe food shortages. For them the dying of bamboo indicates the end of life in this region.
Rickie 'Mautam' famine hits eastern Mizoram
  • Refugio A huge number of rats still destroying every crops stored in the farm houses.
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  • Steve The outsiders may wonder why the forefathers of these tribes must have chosen this region for their homeland. Mọi ý kiến đóp góp, tìm hiểu, hay muốn tham gia vào ca đoàn đều rất được hoan nghênh.
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  • Clifton The regime turned a blind eye to the grave problem that its people are facing but have instead imposed restrictions on religious organisations and other Non Governmental Organisations which have been assisting with relief materials in the affected areas.
  • Monte According to him, about 700 people have fled to the Indo-Burma and to the Bangladesh-Burma border after the famine struck.
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  • Horacio Melocanna Baccifera, locally known as 'Mautak', comprises over 90 per cent of the bamboo population in Mizoram. According to latest information, at least 150 families from southern Chin State have fled to Mizoram and Bangldesh.
  • Christopher The international community should pay attention to those people who are dying in Chinland and hand out humanitarian assistance to the Chin people. Bamboo is the primary vegetation in much of southern Chin State and the areas along India-Burma borders.
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  • Osvaldo Bamboos, which grow naturally along the Indo-Burma border areas, started blooming in 2006. In such a situation, it is urgent and imperative that the international community and aid organizations find an alternative way to deliver the much needed humanitarian help to the Chin people, including by cross-border aid delivery from neighboring India in order to avert what clearly will be a disastrous consequence.
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  • Bert This does not include other 'donations' that each family must pay on a regular basis such as for the cost of militia and vigilante training conducted by the army in towns and villages across the state. While the immediate cause of food insecurities in Chin State is rooted in the cyclical flowering and dying of bamboo in the area, the continuation of severe human rights violations and repressive economic policies by Burma's military regime has exacerbated the food crisis- bringing it to a critical point.
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  • Garrett The people in the five villages are in a hopeless situation in terms of cultivation this year. In some cases, local authorities have warned against any sort of aid delivery to people in southern Chin State citing concerns that such assistance maybe connected to opposition groups in exile.
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  • Rick As a result, famine is likely the following year.
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