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Andy Why Do People Mix Up the Pronouns and
  • Kimberly Our post explains that an appositive is a word or word group that defines or further identifies the noun or noun phrase preceding it. Poor grammar is rampant in the media and you even see it in the books with which we teach our children to read.
  • Monte Some grammar checkers flag them and can thereby help you avoid them.
Branden Why Do People Mix Up the Pronouns and
  • Erin The confusing part What gets confusing for many people is which form to use when there are two subjects or objects linked with and, as in these examples: a. It sounds like you came to our site looking for an easy answer.
  • Otto They hauled Barry and me in for questioning.
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  • Susan Even today, at the age of 58, I catch myself saying things like my dad and mom used to.
  • Giovanni I, John, am a high school graduate. Whilst you will hear the second sentence quite often in spoken English it is not strictly correct.
Marcel Me and You, Me and Him, Me and….Anyone Else
  • Denny Whatever the reasons, it is as well to be aware that many people dislike such uses, and therefore to avoid them in writing. Hi Angel, I totally understand your confusion Angel.
Irwin Me and You, Me and Him, Me and….Anyone Else
  • Frankie Hi, I always heard the usage of 'Me and someone else.
  • Spencer Out of respect, we usually put the other person first. Feb 02, 2012 The official answer is incorrect.
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  • Jerrold Is it a common spoken expression meaning exactly 'Tom and I', or any difference? It has no phonics or spelling tests, the idea being that as long as the student comprehends what he or she is reading or writing, learning is accomplished. The word like is a preposition in your sentence.
Donny How is it right to say ‘me and someone’ or ‘I and someone’?
  • Edgar I am making clothes for our dolls.
  • Ned Question Pat from Australia asked: Which of the sentences below is correct and why? You mentioned that we should keep it alive in formal language, but why not in informal speech as well? Using yourself in this way should be avoided in any kind of formal writing, and is considered wrong by some people even in speech.
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  • Sean Mentally completing the sentence will sometimes mean inserting words and sometimes adding words depending on the sentence. Here I am literally mentally completing the sentence without inserting any words.
  • Everette As the examples above show, myself in these uses often occurs in conjunction with another name. When asked a question why do we always reply with object pronouns rather than subject pronouns.
Rob How is it right to say ‘me and someone’ or ‘I and someone’?
  • Claudio Possible Duplicate: A friend of mine asked me for advice about an e-mail he was writing.
  • Alvin The Chicago Manual of Style, rule 5.