Mistress worship. Sessions

Irwin Meet with Mistress Deborah
  • Reggie Join us on Secrets of the fifth estate.
Phillip Sessions
  • Horacio I cover a pletheroa of different services, however rest assured that I only offer services that i enjoy, so should we play, you need not worry that I am not having fun. I will keep you on your toes and keep the session fresh for those who regularly return to my stable.
Lucien Meet with Mistress Deborah
  • Valentin Are you ready to explore your inner psychosexual workings? This is not to say that I will not take on new subs, but I prefer new slaves to have a clear idea of what they like.
Lon Mobster’s Mistress
  • Mary I am happy to see novices as well as experienced players.
Randell Meet with Mistress Deborah
  • Lemuel Of course, tastes change over time so by all means covering old or new ground can be as equally rewarding.
  • Lyman She was relocated under police protection and given a new identity.
Jaime Mistress
  • Felipe If you are not a talker but much quieter in a session then that is also fine.
  • Wilton And for the very select few, the opportunity to enjoy fetish based holidays in The European Villa.
  • Sharon Kim Eun Soo is a psychiatrist who also lost her ex-boyfriend to an untimely death. Have you become a useless complacent slave?.
  • Barbara Errant slave retraining is a speciality! When the son of her ex-boyfriend comes to her as a new patient, Eun Soo begins to feel uneasy about her buried secrets. That sting gave police enough information to charge Frank Papalia with procurement and Ryce was forced to testify against him.
Odell MistressRenee
  • Marcus It is of utmost importance that you leave all of your preconceived notions about me at the door. Strange things start to unfold around four friends who have been embroiled in complicated relationships.
  • Earle For me a session is both serious and rewarding. To even be granted entrance you must meet my common sense criteria.
Raymond Mistress
  • Dana Do Hwa Young Goo Jae Yee works as a secretary in a high-powered law firm.
Matthew Call Me Mistress
  • Lance If things go well I will look forward to your appointment and seeing you again soon.
  • Ronnie During the session I usually have an informal chat at the beginning of the session to iron out any problems and recap on previous emails. But, when I feel that what I'm doing is well received and flowing, then this alone gives me a buzz.