My dog is jealous of my boyfriend. My girlfriend is intensely jealous of my dog, advice? : relationship_advice

Nicolas Is Your Dog Ruining Your Love Life?
  • Randolph This is another method for redirecting attention.
Rich Ask a Trainer
  • Colby My fianc√© wants to find her a home with no other dogs but I love my dog and do not want to give her to anyone else.
Betty Is Your Dog Ruining Your Love Life?
  • Maxwell This person needs to learn unconditional love. Well it has worked, we tease her when we hug or kiss and when being intimate have to kick her out of the room.
Sean Ask a Trainer
  • Jake I guess it just depends on the relationship. She stays on timeout for a few minutes, sometimes I let her on again sometimes I leave her to go to her bed.
Royal Fixing Jealous, Over
  • Lavern After twenty minutes my husband went up and knocked on the door and my daughter opened the door and the moment my husband stepped in, he was badly attacked and now has a sever bite on the back of his hand and smaller ones his shoulder and legs. It has never happened outside; only in our living room and bedroom.
Trinidad How to Handle an Overly Jealous Dog
  • Fletcher At night, she wedges herself between us no matter how much I try to block her.
Percy Ask A Vet: Why Is My Dog Jealous Of My Spouse?
  • Rodney Instead of getting angry, shouting, or having a lot of drama, quietly remove the dog from the area for the time being.
  • Antonio I just think there are a lot of reasons not to like any given pet. Certain breeds, like and guard dogs, are likely to be on high alert and perceptive of even minute changes in the environment.
Emanuel Ask A Vet: Why Is My Dog Jealous Of My Spouse?
  • Danial I know I need to say something and have mentioned in to my roommate who is also my best friend to bring up to her boyfriend, but next time it happens I will do so more seriously.
Sebastian Fixing Jealous, Over
  • Stacy Both of these things take time. Include your boyfriend during time with your pet.