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  • Gary The corrected exposure that was applied to the photos made the scene look better overall compared to AutoStitch. Pick your images and they will instantly be loaded and stitched together in the preview window.
  • Brendan The Marzipano tool requires the latest version of Firefox or Chrome.
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  • Milton The final results in my test were very good. While you can continue to use it, we recommend you the latest version of the , which offers enhanced functionality including the unique MultiView feature and which is also free to download.
  • Wm The Panorama maker provides five modes to stitch the photos according to your different requirements. You can use the features to create interesting booth style effects for panoramas.
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  • Kyle In terms of manipulation or editing options, there are none, so if you want something that gives you more control, then check out the programs below. All the videos are made and kept in frames, making it possible to encode them into any available format and bitrate.
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  • Andre Please note that the Pannoramic Viewer is no longer supported.
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  • Monty The always make the photograph seems more professional. Basically, these are control points that are created automatically which tell the software what parts of two different images are the same.
  • Raymond Panoramic video covers up all the space around the camera 360x180 degrees without black spots at both nadir and zenith viewing angle.
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  • Benny Panorama Viewer with Google Drive The Panorama Viewer is a small and very flexible viewer for panoramic images, videos and interactive virtual view. To start, go ahead and click on the Load Images button.
Rogelio Marzipano
  • Louie Depending on which camera you used to take your pictures, you may get a message saying that the program could not find any information about the field of view for an image. Regardless of the mistakes, it will bring out great panorama as it will automatically crop out unwanted areas, add color fixes and give high-resolution image.
  • Ernie But if we are talking about a 10k pixel wide pano - Mobile isn't going make much sense anyways. Currently, there are 7 applications in our portfolio.
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  • Peter Installation of Silverlight on Mac is not always working as expected according to forums.
  • Hans You can for a detailed description of the new features.
Hollis Pannoramic Viewer
  • Ernie When you want to create panoramas with ease, you can stitch photographs online without messy detail.
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  • Mike You can change the camera motion, crop the image, change the export settings and the size of the panorama. At the end, when we compare how we use our phone the most, in percentage, I can say safely that we barely use it to call someone, and this is why i call mine a photophone.
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  • Enrique Such solutions usually make a deep impression on visitors. The Pannoramic Viewer not only enables you to view the sample but also to make annotations, measurements etc.
  • Ronald My name is Aseem Kishore and I am a full-time professional blogger. The results in my test were very good and better than both the programs mentioned above.
Eduardo Top 5 Best Online Panorama Makers to Create Panorama Online and Free
  • Dallas This app is designed to view your high-resolution panoramic Panorama images, videos with equirectangular spherical or cylindrical projection, full 360-degree pano.
  • Barbara Knows limitation: the integrated toolbar does not show up if the viewer is run as a standalone program.