Voices in the dark junji. Yami no Koe (Voices in the Dark)

Ted Junji Ito
  • Mauro Ito proves himself in this collection to have a talent of mastering horror from the paranormal to the confusing, hairraising and stomach churning. Os livros são uma herança de família, e goro é completamente apaixonado por eles, por isso ele seria faria qualquer coisa se algo viesse a acontecer com eles.
Emanuel Voices in the Dark Manga
  • Harrison The reason I say this is because the theme of the stories attempt to evoke mystery at the end but unfortunately it not only does an abrupt job of doing this but it has a bad habit of mixing the climax with the conclusion. She delivered a strong glare before she turned to a look of seriousness.
Karl Yami no Koe
  • Maxwell This is why even if the artwork didn't work for me I rate it a 9 over the story's 6 because this is the type of manga where the art elevates the interest of the story to the point that the story only works because the art is there and while an art change in my opinion could help boost the quality of this manga, I cannot deny that this specific style gives the manga a special essence that makes it memorable by virtue of being rarely done this way as an overall package. Gouon Two friends, Masaki and Mimura, are hiking when they realize they are lost, as their compass begins acting strangely.
Terrence new voices in the dark
  • Roberto His daughter sat quietly on a throne next to her mother. This normally would be an issue of lowering the story's rating if not for the fact that the stories are actually interesting.
Ed Voices in the Dark
  • Trenton She begins to throw up blood, and has strange dreams about blood raining down on her.
  • Chase Because you burn to the touch and cut with a temper.
Dominique New Voices in the Dark Manga
  • Rex Ngoài các nhân vật trên, các nhân vật như Mẹ Asari, Bố Asari, Thầy chủ nhiệm và các ban học. Overall 6 Story 6 Art 9 Character 6 Enjoyment 0 Not exactly Ito's strongest output, but not without merit.
Wilfred Yami no Koe (Voices in the Dark)
  • Joey The main issue I had is not, that the stories were bad, but that compared to other Ito's work the shock and horror factor was at a much smaller rate in this book.
  • Anton Golden Time no Yuurei A boy named Tsuguo decides to take his gloomy friend Keisuke to a comedy performance, where they encounter Tasogare Kintoki's rather bland act. Story 4: Library of Illusions Koko lives with her husband Goro in a giant mansion full of books.
Teddy Junji Ito
  • Brendan Each story has its good points, and others weaken in comparison to others.
Weston Voices in the Dark Manga
  • Jonathan So yeah… Oh and it is kinda supposed to be a Once Upon a Time ish story.
  • Sylvester On one side you have the acne-ridden weird kid in story 5, which had a great backstory and intriguing excentricites and on the other you have the completely unfunny comedy duo in story 2 with their unappealing character design and bland super powers. Still, Yami no Koe in my opinion excels in the single chapter story format and I look forward to finding more Junji Ito manga like it.