Why does my girlfriend bite me. Why does my gf have the urge to bite me?

Rodney Women Who Hit Men
  • Ken When I remove him from an area where both my husband and I are, he goes to bite at my face.
Mervin Is it normal that my girlfriend bites me?
  • Rich My father supposedly spends all day with the dog while I am at work and I spend about 4 hours in the evening Monday through Friday and 13-14 hours each weekend day. Our dog is a Parson Russell Terrier.
  • Jonas But he was surprised and none too pleased with my display of affection. A random stranger could break into the house, and he's best friends with them.
Wesley Why Does My Girlfriend Hate Me? 10 Questions to Find Out
  • Logan Sometimes she is a suck and wants his love.
  • Sheldon At the very least, you might want to proceed with caution. I can't imagine life without him, rescuing him is probably the best thing that ever happened to me I think he rescued me right back.
Oliver A Girl Playfully Bit Me?
  • Herbert Mr Knuckles needs reassuring, not babying or kit gloves.
Ollie A Girl Playfully Bit Me?
  • Gus He acts like he is mad at my hands! He aggressively lounges while growling.
  • Jose I am not school trained so you can take my words as just an opinion but I hope that you get rid of the animal before the baby comes.
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  • Walker Something at least to help explain why he's becoming so aggressive towards family.
Jake Why Women LOVE Biting During Sex (& How to Do It Properly)
  • Dudley As I got closer, he lunged for my face.
Aaron Why Women LOVE Biting During Sex (& How to Do It Properly)
  • Doyle About 3 months into having the dog, he started becoming aggressive towards me and would attack me. Just a few days ago my younger sisters friend came over and she was going through a lot and we had just heard a cousin had passed away in our family too so it was a bit chaotic outside in our yard.
Wesley Dogs Don't Bite Out of the Blue
  • Eric I am really annnoyed by my gf. He has never acted this way before.