Witcher 3 ladies in the wood. Ladies of teh wood: free the spirit under the tree

Edgardo Cant find the Book
  • Moses It's a really powerful creature that doesn't look like much at first but requires the full knowledge of one of the best witcher to deal with.
  • Alec You start the quest looking for a shrine indicating the start of a trail of sweets.
Kimberly The Witcher 3 : Ladies Of The Wood [Part 2]
  • Jacques Don't forget to use the quen sign to protect yourself from damage as well.
  • Hilario Apparently, that meant the children were all eaten.
Rosendo The Witcher 3: Ladies of the Wood
  • Max Also, I've seen multiple threads asking the same questions who did you romance? I didn't like those demands.
Billy The Witcher 3: Ladies of the Wood
  • Edmund When you approach the new waypoint, it starts to rain and shit gets a bit weird. Where to find the necessary components for the ritual is marked on the map, so there will be no problems.
Theron CCC: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Guide/Walkthrough
  • Jefferson Their small and humanoid - is Johnny a human? Once you've learned more about the Trail of Treats, mount your steed and ride to the windswept forest indicated by your objective marker.
  • Ross Climb up, then head through the cave entrance, travelling deep into the earth towards the sound of the beating drum.
Stanley Ladies Of The Wood
  • Lynn But, Anna is cursed into a water hag, then dies after I lifted it, after which the Baron gets shitfaced and hangs himself when Tamara tells him to screw off. But it turns out the alternative is that the entire town nearby downwarren? You will encounter 2 drowners and a water hag, so dispose of them.
Jules The Witcher 3 Ladies of the Wood quest
  • Kermit Remember that they are weak to necrophage oil and the igni sign.
Ralph Cant find the Book
  • Buford Can someone just tell me how to have the best outcome for that quest? For the survivors, things are going in the most favorable way: the baron is alive, Anna and the children too, the spirit in the cave is free, Tamara has found her calling, and the Mistresses of the forest continue to patronize Velen, as they have done for hundreds of years. In the harpy nest will be a sealed bottle containing Johnny's voice.
Freddy Can't find of the book anywhere! :: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt General Discussions
  • Tanner Once you've ask him where you can find Johnny, Gran interjects to bring the conversation to a close.
Noah Ladies of the Wood Witcher 3
  • Albert Follow Johnny Continue through the swamp until you reach the sheer rock face.
  • Alva Some are hanging from the trees and some are on the ground. Since the roots themselves can not fight, endriagi will occasionally crawl to the rescue.
Heather Ladies of the Wood
  • DeonThe path is very obvious simply follow the dirt trail until you near a large house and a scene takes control.
  • Julie Instead, sheathe your sword and sprint past him into the mouth of the cave.